Status update, February 2024

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This month I received a RaspberryPi 3B as a birthday present. The Pi, as some people call it, is a small single-board computer that has tons of use cases. My initial plan was to use it as a home media server but realized that it doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to run Jellyfin effectively. Additionally, I don’t yet have a proper power supply for the Pi, so it is running underpowered.

I also considered using the Pi to host some of the applications I’m currently running on a VPS. The services are intended for personal use and only accessible via Tailscale so it will be cheaper to host them myself. However, I decided to postpone the migration until I get a proper power supply for the Pi

Instead, I decided to setup a Directus instance on the RaspberryPi. Directus describes itself as an open source backend to build anything or everything. I’ve been using it at my job as a headless CMS. However, I don’t get the chance to use all of its features. I want to explore its potential as a Backend-as-a-Service, so I’ll be using it for prototyping some personal projects.


I’ve been working with Angular for the last few months and it hasn’t been the best experience. However, there are a couple of new project coming in that will be using other frameworks. I cannot wait to start working on them.

One of the new projects has many requirements and few complex features. I’ve been having meetings to give some feedback on the UI design and to discuss some of the implementation details to ensure that all necessary features are accounted for.

To round things off, I’ve had limited time to code outside of work but I hope this changes in the following weeks. One of my side projects is nearing completion but I haven’t given myself enough time to finish it. I’ll be aiming to wrap things up next month and sharing more details about it in a dedicated blog post. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates.